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  Proximity Sensors, Inductive Sensors, Capacitive Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensor, Interface Devices, Flow Sensors, Pressure sensors , Fieldbus Technology , Connectors , Cordset , Junction Box and Cable Controls .
  Timers , Relays , Monitoring Relays , Miniature Contactors , Remote Relays , LEDs , Controllers
  Red Lion Controls manufactures and distributes a family of quality and value oriented industrial control products from the product groups listed below. With a worldwide sales presence, Red Lion is able to provide solutions for all your control and monitoring applications.
  Emergency Stop Relays , Timers , Safety Relays , Safety Light Curtain, Safety Sensors and Safety FieldBus
  Optoelectronics, Safety light curtains and Identification systems
  Heavy Duty Limit Switches , Safety Switches , Solenoid Interlocks , Safety Sensors , Proximity Switces and Safety Relays.
  Monitoring Relays , Safety Relays , Emergency Stop Relays , Enclosures , PCB Relays
  Industrial Connections , Connectors , Surge Protections , Signal Converters , Automation Systems
  Process valves, Solenoid valves, Pneumatics, Flow control, Level control and Temperature control
  Barriers, Isolaters, Displays, Multiplexer, Process Distributed I/O and Ex Protection
  Optoelectronics, Lights Curtains and Bar Code Systems
  Relay- and Opto Coupler, Converter Terminals, Heavy Duty Connectors and Fieldbus Components
  Automation and Switchgear, HMI - Human Machine Interface, Compact and modular PLC
  Low Voltage Distributions , Automation Controls and Process Automation. Controls Burners ( LANDIS &GYR )
  Terminal Blocks , I/O Systems
  Pushbuttons, Signal Lamps and Industrial Keyboards, PCB Keyswitches
  Relays, PLC Controls, Rotary Solenoids, Linear Solenoids and Pneumatics
  Rotary Measurement Technology, Linear Measurement Technology, connection Technology, Counters, electromechanic, Timers, electromechanic, Counters, electronic, Prozess Technology
  Solenoid Valves , Ignition Transformer
  Square D, Telemechanique, Merlin Gerin, Automation and Control, Electrical distribution


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